The Guild

The Guild currently has 15 full-time members, and a few adjunct members. Each Guild member has their own ring spot (see below!). Our teacher is Ellen Dickinson, who is a Yale and Guild alum; she comes in a few times a week to give us lessons to help us continue playing beautiful music for all of campus!

Besides ringing bells for Yale's campus, the Guild does two yearly tours. The smaller tour is Mini-Tour, and past Mini-Tours have taken the Guild to Pennsylvania and Boston. The larger tour alternates between a Europe Tour and a Domestic Tour. To learn more about Guild's amazing experiences on Tour, please check out our News page.

The Guild also plays handbells -- a holiday concert is currently in the works -- more information forthcoming! During the summer, the Guild also hosts a summer series that invites carillonneurs from around the world to come play a weekly concert. In general, the Guild simply loves spending time together, so there are lots of snacks, dinners, movies, hanging out, and lots general fun is involved!

To see the current guild members and ring schedule, check out our new website at!

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